Fireside Chat: Making Big Technical Choices

Welcome to season 2 of Runtime Rundown! Read to the end for info on some of our season 2 changes.

We're trying a new format this week with no article, fireside chat style. Joe and Evan discuss some things to think about when making big technical decisions - how to know when to make a change, how to plan out and execute the project, and how to prevent against getting it really wrong.

Joe is learning another obscure programming topic, and we wait until the way end to shout out an awesome person.

Season 2 changes:

  • We are getting rid of the episode naming convention. The "Friends" naming style has gone on too long.
  • Introducing new episode formats like Fireside Chat where we don't work off of a blog post, but our experience. Don't worry, we will keep the "what are you learning" and "good news" segments.
  • Website improvements.
  • More guests!

As always, please drop us a suggestion over at Runtime Rundown if there are any changes you want to see, new things you don't like, or topics you would like us to cover. We love feedback!

Music by ⁠Hina⁠ and ⁠Kevin MacLeod⁠