Sleepless in Tech With Savannah Hipes

In this special episode, we dive into the uncharted waters of mental health in the tech industry with ⁠Savannah Hipes⁠, a seasoned Psychotherapist and Insomnia Specialist.

Discussing her three-article series, ⁠"Insomnia in the Tech Industry"⁠, we unravel the intricate relationship between our fast-paced tech lifestyles and the way we sleep (or don't sleep for some of us).

Savannah sheds light on how the relentless pace of technology affects our arousal systems, the curious case of disrupted circadian rhythms specifically in tech work, and the concerning trend of insomnia among tech professionals.

Tune in for an enlightening discussion that merges technology with psychology, offering unique insights and practical advice for navigating the mental challenges of the digital age.

Savannah Hipes, LCSW is a Psychotherapist and Insomnia Specialist in Winter Park, Florida. She helps highly driven, sleep-deprived professionals who feel exhausted and on edge to finally sleep through the night. Licensed in both Florida and New York, Savannah sees clients virtually and in-person and treats anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, and eating disorders. She also does public speaking, corporate wellness, and provides clinical training on sleep and eating related topics. She's known for laughing loudly and doing a secret happy dance when clients leave the office sleeping better than they have in years.

Reach out to Savannah:

Insta, FB, Linkedin: @savannahhipeslcsw