The One About Feature Toggles

In this episode, we talk about "⁠Deploys Are the ✨WRONG✨ Way to Change User Experience" by ⁠Charity Majors⁠ (one of the best bloggers out there, check out more ⁠here⁠).

Do you need to make a deploy to show a new user experience? Do you not use feature toggles? Do you hate pedantic questions for the sake of making a point? If you answered yes to any of these, listen to this lightning-fast episode on how to separate your deploys from your releases and make your customers happier.

In other news, Evan is done learning and hates lots of books, Joe is getting Rusty again, and we have some of the good-est good news yet.

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Music by ⁠Hina⁠ and ⁠Kevin MacLeod⁠