The One About Javascript Gaslighting

In this QUICK episode, we cover "The Great Gaslighting of the JavaScript Era" by Jared White. This article is a series of spicy takes on how Javascript frameworks took over the world of web development, and how it didn't happen by accident. If you're even remotely interested in the state of JS on the web, this one is worth a listen.

We attempt to present a modest viewpoint on the proliferation of frameworks but Evan ends up adding a conspiracy theory of his own. We bring in one article in support of frameworks - "The case for frameworks" by Laurie Voss, and two articles that rail against frameworks - "The Market for Lemons" by Alex Russel and "A historical reference of React criticism" by Zach Leatherman. 

Also, we talk about space solar. 

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Music by Hina and Kevin MacLeod