The One About Typescript

The time has come for a feature length episode on Typescript with guest star Scott Kaye! In this magnum opus,  Scott, a Typescript Wizard, details some of the stronger points of Typescript through the lens of two conflicting articles - "Typescript is Terrible for Library Developers" and "Stop Using 'any', There's a Type for That". Evan yells at clouds nearly the entire time. 

To be serious for a minute - this is a good two-sided conversation about the strengths and (gasp) weaknesses of Typescript - it's worth a listen if you want to finally hear something other than "tYpESCripT Is tHE bESt!!!!!!"

Scott introduces Scott's Principles of Typescript™, Evan claims Typescript is an elaborate scheme perpetrated on the developer community by Microsoft, and Joe loses us all talking about "bit shifting". 

Also, Scott will blow out your eardrums at some point so it's best you just live in fear the entire episode in anticipation. 

Some links we mentioned: 

1. ThePrimeagen on "making an algorithm faster"

2. Scott's Portfolio

3. HackerNews thread about "Typescript is Terrible For Library Developers"

4. ESLint rewrite discussion